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This list of gear is not all encompassing  nor do we expect prospective members to have everything at their first, second or even tenth event. The purpose of this list is to simply familiarize individuals with the sheer amount of material carried by paratroopers.  

M-1942 Paratrooper Uniform (Normandy)
Jump Boots (worn by some for the entire war)
M-1943 Paratrooper Uniform (Market Garden and Bulge)
Double Buckle Boots (Market Garden and Bulge)
Overseas Cap with Patch
Enlisted Wool Shirt
G.I. Tie
101st Airborne Patch
Enlisted Class “A” Uniform

Wooden Cot
Wool Blanket
M-2 Paratrooper Helmet
M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, or M1928/M1/M1A1 Thompson Machine Gun
M-1936 Cartridge Belt
M-1942 Canteen and Cup with M-1910 Canteen Cover
Mess Kit
M-1936 Musette Bag
M-1910 or M-1943 Entrenching Tool with Cover
Dog Tags
Gas Detector Arm Band
M3 Trench Knife by Camillus
TL-122 Flashlight
M4 “Mae West” Life Preserver
M-1942 Bayonet
M2 Pocket Knife
Shelter Half
Compass with Pouch
M5 Gas Mask with Carrying Bag
Parachutist Rope Coil
Paratrooper First Aid Pouch
Can Opener
Personal Effects Bag

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