Honor Roll


Honoring Accomplishments of Those Who Honor WWII Veterans.

Paul Miller Award

When one of our advisers, Paul Miller passed away in early 2006, the entire group was heartbroken.  Paul had meant so much to us that it was decided that we would be sure that he would never be forgotten and that his name would always be associated with our group.  Therefore, we named our “Paratrooper of the Year” award after him.  Each year, the member of our group who proves himself the most dedicated and the most selfless will earn the honor.

Paul Miller Award Winners

2018-2019 – Sgt. Andrew Hollinger

2017-2018 – Cpl. Ben Scott

2016-2017 – Cpl. Hank Askin

2015-2016 – T/Cpl. Mike Dalcin

2014-2015 – Cpl. Ryan Kergides and Capt. Jack Moody

2013-2014 – 1st Sgt. Nate Bixler

2012-2013 – Cpl. Tim Lehotsky

2011-2012 – Richard “Red” Falvey

2010-2011 – General Brandt Pflueger

2009-2010 – Sgt. Bruce Troutman

2008-2009 – 1/Lt. Greg Henesy

2007-2008 – Cpl. Nate Bixler

2006-2007 – Cpl. Robert Michnowicz

2005-2006 – S/Sgt. Tim “Bull” Hollinger


Military Service

Many of our men have served, or are serving, in the military.  We salute those members who have served our country.

Foreman, Alan

Gregory, Colby

Hollinger, Andy

Howe, Dan

Klock, Mike

Pflueger, Brad

Pongratz, John

Ponte, Rick

Sommons, Bruce

Strausner, Mike

Wagner, Tim