6 June 1944
Halls, John D Pfc.
Fountain, Bryce L. Pfc. (Awarded the Bronze Star Medal Posthumously)
Ervin, Simmie C. Sgt. (MIA -> KIA)
Williams, Leslie E. Pvt. (MIA -> KIA)
McClelland, Ralph W. Pvt. (MIA -> KIA)
Hodgkin, Charles F. Pvt. (MIA -> KIA)
Eckels, Donald D. Pfc. (MIA -> KIA)
Ash, William E. Pvt. (MIA -> KIA)
LaRose, Oliver L. Pvt. (MIA -> KIA)

7 June
Stoney, Benjamin J. T/4

13 June
Slosarczyk Joseph F. T/5

26 July
Lavenson, George 1Lt. (SWA->Died in plane crash back to the States)

18 September
Moore, James H. 1Lt.

23 September
Rybinski, Bruno W. Pvt.
Broadhead, John W. Pvt.
Siegworth, George J. Pfc.
Blaum, Paul E. 2Lt. (DOW)
Rogers, Robert M. Ssgt. (DOW)

26 September
Foster, Bernard J. Pvt.

6 October
Shears, James R. Pvt.

8 October
Roman, Eugene O. Pvt.
Lambrecht, Harold Cpl. (DOW)

21 December
Ceniceros, Salvador G. Pfc.

2 January
Peterson, Leland SSgt.

3 January
Thirlkled, Charles Jr. 2Lt.
MacDowell, Carl 1Lt.

9 January
Gibson, Harry A. Pfc.
Hannah, Carl Pvt. (DOW)

10 January
Lawrence, Lester P. Pfc.

14 January
Walling, Garrett A. Pfc.

1 February
Garland, Dennis D. Pvt.

List of Terms

DOW- Died of Wounds- Soldier was wounded, transported to aid station or field hospital before dying of their injury.

KIA- Killed in Action- Soldier was accounted for and died in combat; Body or witness serve as verification of death.

MIA- Missing in Action-Soldier was unaccounted; Unsure whether captured by enemy, wounded, dead or separated due to battlefield conditions.

SWA- Seriously Wounded in Action-Soldier was wounded to the point of being removed from the battlefield and evacuated to field or general hospital


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